Are you a candidate for Lipogems?

You might be a candidate if:

  • You suffer from an injury or ailment that limits your normal daily functioning or physical activity.
  • You have painful joints with limited range of motion, such as your knee, ankle or shoulder.
  • You have a soft tissue defect in your tendons, ligaments, and/or muscles (in order to restore orthopaedic function, these defects may require tissue repair and regeneration, as well as cushioning and support).
  • Treatment options, such as physical therapy, NSAIDS, or steroid injections have not provided you with significant relief.
  • You would like to explore Lipogems as a minimally invasive alternative to a major surgical intervention.
  • Your doctor determines Lipogems may be used in addition to your surgery.

Talk to your Doctor to determine if you might be a candidate for Lipogems.